As an educator responsible for teaching Mandarin, your primary concern is how to deliver an effective class which will keep students motivated and maintain their curiosity in the language. You may be using outdated courseware with little or no interactive multimedia or your lack of diversity in course materials is absorbing all of your preparation time. When looking for a new direction in your Mandarin program, you are concerned about the budget situation at your school and being able to convince your administrator of the effectiveness of the program.

Equally, perhaps you're an administrator aware of the recent media and public attention regarding the study of Mandarin Chinese. You will have a new Chinese teacher arriving shortly or you would like to start a new Chinese program. While you are mindful that your students and schools you are responsible for aren't missing out on learning this critical language, you are also concerned about the cost implications of introducing a new program and finding an effective and standards-based curriculum.

Regardless of whether you are a teacher or administrator, achieving tangible results for your students and creating lifelong learners is your ultimate goal. The ActiveChinese program endeavors to address the issues above and support you in this aim through the following:

Motivating from Day One: ActiveChinese's Student Centered Methodology

Our program stands out from most Chinese teaching materials through our emphasis on student centered learning and a program that is tailor made for students from English speaking backgrounds. ActiveChinese focuses on motivating student interest from day one through multisensory multimedia that appeals to all types of learners. Our online platform provides a 24/7 learning environment accessible from both school and home for students to review material covered in class and prepare for future lessons.

Measuring Assessment: ActiveChinese's Standards-Based Curriculum

The ActiveChinese School Edition and Kids Edition was designed according to ACTFL's "5 Cs" for foreign language acquisition and both programs contain numerous examples that meet all of the criteria set out in those standards. Furthermore, the School Edition 100 and 200 Series prepares students for the AP examination test, the IB initio, and SATII subject test. The Kids and School Edition also includes student tracking features for teaches to monitor progress and assessment test scores.

Being There for Teachers: ActiveChinese's Teacher Support Tools

We know how important it is for teachers to have the time to be creative in their delivery of material. Unlike other programs which will have you spending hours preparing supplementary materials and examples, ActiveChinese gives you the tools you need to teach your lessons in an engaging and enjoyable approach. We provide a structured curriculum, including PowerPoint presentations for each lesson's dialog and language points, a Pinyin Teaching Guide, written tests, and much more to allow you to save time so that you can be more creative in your delivery of material.

With multiple delivery formats, including site licensing and textbooks, all at prices very reasonable when compared to other content providers, ActiveChinese will meet and exceed the expectations of your Chinese program. Sign up for our free trial of the Kids (K-8) and School (9-12) editions today and experience for yourself the revolution in language learning.

     Primary & Middle (K-8): Kids Edition
     College & High School (9-16): School Edition

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